Presbytery of Southern Kansas

3521 W 21st Street North

Wichita, KS 67203


Presbytery of Southern Kansas

Synod of Mid America

Presbyterian Women  PC(USA)

PSK Mission Statement

The Presbytery of Southern Kansas, a governing body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), is a community of faith under the lordship of Jesus Christ.  We are called, by the grace of God, to lead, nurture, serve, represent, support and encourage our congregations.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to identify and use our God-given gifts in service to one another and the world.   To God be the glory!   

Presbytery Meetings

November 2020 minutes


May 11, 2021 meeting-Zoom

Aug 14, 2021 Meeting-TBA

Nov 16, 2021 Meeting-Tba


PSK Officers and Staff

PSK Moderator: Scott Randle

PSK Mod Elect: Melissa Krabbe

*PSK  Exec: Rev. Gail Doering

*PSK Stated Clerk: Rev. Doering

*PSK Bookkeeper: Rachel Furry

*PSK Admin Asst: Jan Lane


3521 W. 21 West

Wichita, KS 67203

PSK Committees

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Board of Trustees

Church Orders

Congregational Resources

Governance_Ministry Team

Mission Partnership

Nominating Ministry Team

Presbytery Coordinating

SYNOD Commissioners

PSK Teaching Elders

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PSK  Commissioned RulinG Elders

Commissioned Ruling Elders

PSK Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women Officers

PSK Pulpit Supply List

PSK Pulpit Supply List

Locations of PSK Churches

Map of Kansas - Presbytery of Southern Kansas Churches